The 2014 Annual Meeting was a huge success! Thanks to all who attended.  If you couldn't be there on Saturday click the link below to watch the entire meeting.  Once the site loads click the "On Demand" tab then click the "Watch" button that appears next to the video description.

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Want to know what our windmill is generating?

Our Bergey Excel current conditions

To see what our other Renewable Resources are doing CLICK HERE

Can’t get through on the phone?

You may be calling the wrong number.

Whether you are calling to talk about your monthly usage or reporting a power outage, it is extremely important that you use our 800 number! The local number does not have the capacity to handle all of the calls. EVERY call should be to 800-686-2357.

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MYMETER is a free service offered through Paulding Putnam
Electric Cooperative that charts member's daily
energy use.Members who sign up for the service can see
what times of the days and what days of the week that
they use the most energy.

MYMETER is made possible by the recently completed
Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. These
automated meters report current energy use data into a
central database. Members, through MyMeter, can view
their daily energy use data.

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Spare Change, Changes Lives

In July 2010, Paulding Putnam Electric began Operation Round Up. Operation Round Up is a community service program that provides funding for charitable and benevolent purposes for individuals, families and organizations in your community. Your pennies, nickels and dimes can help raise thousands of dollars a year that will be used to help people right here in your community!

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Operation Round Up Applications



Paulding Putnam Electric is pleased to announce the release of This is a website devoted to giving home owners tips on how to save on their electric bill. TogetherWeSave shows how the little things home owners do can really add up to savings.